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No individual piece of equipment can solve ALL water problems. In some cases, two or more pieces of equipment may be needed to solve multiple water problems, depending on the quality of water you desire. The type of water treatment system you require can be determined as soon as you have the results from your water tests

Water Softener

Water Softener Water softeners will take hardness elements out of water by exchanging a harmless amount of sodium in their place. Hardness is mainly composed of calcium and magnesium, which form a scale inside your pipes and on your fixtures. A water softener will reduce the amount of energy a water heater uses by 25%-30%. It will extend the life of a water heater up to 100%, and a dishwasher and clothes washer up to 40%. It will produce cleaner, brighter clothes and reduce the amount needed for all soaps and detergents by as much as 75%.

A quality water softener’s life expectancy is 15-20 years. It will require adding salt occasionally and in some instances where the water also has small amount of iron, it may require a simple, two-minute iron cleaning occasionally.

The typical amount of sodium added to the water per quart in the Binghamton area is less than the sodium in one slice of white bread (~115mg). Water softeners may be installed on private or public water.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon Filtration Activated carbon filtration attracts (absorbs) foul taste, odors, chlorine, and certain contaminates. This system can be used for the whole house or for specific point of use.

Activated carbon filtration life expectancy depends on the type and size of system used. The carbon media/cartridge will need replacement every 3-18 months. They may be installed on private or public water.

Inline Filter Housings

Inline Filter Housings Inline filter housings will remove suspended solids such as dirt, silt, and sediment out of your water. A quality inline filter housing’s life expectancy is 5-10 years.

Filters need to be changed periodically depending upon the amount of suspended solids in your water. Inline filter housings may be installed on private or public water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis provides the purest drinking water available in your home. Reverse osmosis pushes water through a membrane in which only pure water can pass. Contaminants are rejected and go to drain while pure water flows to a storage tank for use on demand. A quality reverse osmosis system will remove 95%-99% of water impurities. Reverse osmosis water purity exceeds the quality of most bottled water.

A quality reverse osmosis system’s life expectancy exceeds 10 years. Filter cartridges typically need to be changed in 6-12 month intervals.

Household reverse osmosis systems are for point-of use only. They may be installed on private or public water.

Whole House Iron/Manganese Filter

Whole House Iron/Manganese Filter A whole house iron/manganese filter oxidizes dissolved iron and manganese turning it into a solid, which it then filters out. Under the correct conditions they are at least 90% effective. In most cases, this will eliminate staining and iron/manganese buildup throughout the house.

A quality whole house iron/manganese filter’s life expectancy is approximately 15-20 years with the media needing replacement every 5-7 years. No regular maintenance is necessary.

A whole house iron/manganese filter adds nothing to your water. They are not needed if you are on public water supply.

Odor and Bacteria Elimination Systems

Odor and Bacteria Elimination Systems Odor and bacteria elimination systems inject small amounts of chemical such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide which will neutralize foul odors and tastes. If harmful bacteria are an issue chlorine is required to ensure safe drinking water. A quality odor and bacteria elimination systems’ life expectancy is 10-15 years. A dilute chemical solution will need to be added to the system every few weeks. These chemicals are introduced to the water in small amounts so they will be unnoticed in the water.

Public water often has a higher concentration of chlorine than an odor and bacteria elimination system will add.

Odor and bacteria elimination systems are not needed if you are on public water supply.

Ultra Violet Disinfection lights

Ultra Violet Disinfection lights Ultraviolet disinfection lights produces a light wavelength that will destroy harmful bacteria and ensure safe drinking water.

A quality ultraviolet (UV) disinfection light’s life expectancy is 10-20 years. The UV bulb needs to be replaced on an annual basis.

For this system to be effective, your water cannot contain any iron. UV disinfection lights are not needed if you are on public water supply.

Neutralizing Filter

Neutralizing Filter A neutralizing filter uses a chemical reaction to remove acidity from your water similar to the way a stomach antacid works.

A neutralizing filter removes corrosive properties and will extend the life of your plumbing, appliances and fixtures.

A quality neutralizing filter’s life expectancy is 10-15 years. The filter media needs to be added to or replaced every one to three years.

Neutralizing filters are not needed if you are on public water supply.
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